Friday, March 15, 2013

once when we are young...not that young at all...

Memories flooded back as a picture of the past flashed on my screen...

It was the picture of arcans, pocket size which I have lost since don't know  when...

It's been what? say nine years or less than nine years since we parted ways, leading its own path, while missing the support, the encouragement and camaraderie once we had from each other..

We have been into trials and challenges, but, arcans as we are we keep on fighting and surviving... not just surviving but going near to where we want and what do we want to be...

But, these past years, i keep on missing you arcans on my side..

Leonard, the arcan lord... haha miss ko na ang rinbee, and coffee that u specially made for me.. for us pala... you always believed in me... even at times i doubt my ability...

Wenggay... the bicycle is still used by shem... he loved it and take good care of it.. thanks to you...good luck for the bar... hope i will be able to finish law school soon...

Julie... the arguments were fun... but it never lessen our care and fondness as friends...

tin... my divine counsellor... in every troubles you are always there for me...

ann... inday... never seen such a beautiful and humble heart... ikaw lang yun...

rym.. good luck and best wishes...

karen... miss the time together at masbate and your boading house at noble...

marsha... hahaha arcan sya dibuh?

aine...the adopted who reminds us what we are to each other ... thanks for the post...

sorry... need to make it short...

got to work pa...

miss u and love u all arcans...


Sunday, June 14, 2009

Where art thou???

hey guys... i happen to surf the net and i found "our" old blog.. baw la na gid ni gali na-update??? mga original nga arcans, wer na kamo???

Thursday, August 09, 2007


directed by: Jon Red
produced by: Filipino Pictures, Inc.
an entry to CINEMANILA Digital Lokal.
starring: Christian Vasquez, Che Ramos, Diana Malahay, Paolo Villaluna
Michael de Mesa
screening schedule is on August 12 at Gateway Mall.
hi guys...hidlaw ko kaninyo ba..hehehe..above is the plugging of the 1st independent film that i was able to work with..still working with ePLDT, nagsick leave lang ko to attend the shooting.hehehe..musta na kamo?
we, i have an ebook of the last book of HP..u have a copy na?hehehe..:)
miss ko kamo tanan...hugs to all!

Thursday, August 02, 2007

harry potter is back

hello everybody!!

im just so lucky that we have i can surf the net for free hir in bora becoz we have an internet connection at our station and luckily enef wala sang atribida magsabad while im doing my "research".hehe! by the way, for inday..hirs my mobile number, havent change it ever since the world email add is still the same also..havent change a bit..i just add weights.nagtambok nko.Huhuhu! and its so hard magpakupos buy-on..who can relate? taas kamot??
by the way, wen ka pa bora day? sin o upod u? pls text me up if your here na ha? excited lang gid ko to see u again..hehe.if not, just drop by at boracay special tourist police office at station2,boracay tuntulan na ka mga driver suludlun galing then pangitaa lang ko kay baracks namun ra lang sa station..hehe! t clear man?
joy, ang akon buk6 harry potter? huhuhu..kadayaon gid sa inyo nakalantaw na kamu ya me wala pa japon kay wala pko kapuli.our passes was cancelled. kompleto na tni life ko d sa bora kon my sinehan lang d mu anhon mu kay wala, maski ang gaisano kalibo wala man sine.
to rea, bz na gid ang career as anchorwoman of bombo in their place nagtx sya sa akon last time pero dali lang kay bz gani..
ros, hows life? nakadayun ka gid man puli sa iloilo? musta na ang lovelife?
karen, rym and nadnad! maaparamdam man kamu ay..nawili na kmo ya sa mga kuring teach aw? wish ko lang mkahapit ko da sa inyo if ever mkapases ko.kapoy gling travel promis.
tin, la lang lovable ka man japon.hehehe..
to all of you miss you so much..wen ta patalabahan sa hilltop liwat? ga exist pa na ayhan?hehehe
take care,

Tuesday, July 31, 2007


wenggay! yehey soon i'll go to boracay and visit you. give me ur mobile number please. i was the one who posted all the pics in our blogs. i'll send u all. hehhee.

miss u all...julie, ross, eng, rym, leo, rea,tin , karen, aine, ...

hope that everything is okay and all the best for us.



Thursday, June 07, 2007

sa diin na kamo?

hello arcans pipol!

where are you? our blog misses your presence and ofcourse i miss you all. how's life doing guys? as of me, i just recover from election coverage pressures and pulaway. musta na kamo?

PS. one year anniversary namon yesterday.


Sunday, May 06, 2007


pahabol gali..hehe

who posted the pics in the blog? cold you give me a copy of it? the pics with puzzle like slides or whatever do u call that..pleaseeeeeeee.......just send it to my email at
i dont hae a single copy of it except for the one we had at the photo center..thanx luv u all mwahhh>>>> weng

im still here

aloha everyone!!
it's been months again since ive communicated..but im keeping in touch with julie most of the time for our "consultation session".hehehe. ive also keep in touch with tintin and karen..rym is back in town and i guess it is for good coz her mom wont allow her to go back in Pagadian..
the last time i entered my post here was when i was still at Lapu-Lapu City for the augmentation of our troop in the ASEAN summit. . Summit is over..velentines is over and summer is near to its end..i also had my new assignment this time its for good coz this is my original assignment when i take oath as a ploce officer..IM IN BORACAY ISLAND, malay, Aklan..about 5-6 hours travel from city to caticlan by bus and 10minutes travel by ferryboats from Caticlan Port to Cagban port, boracay island...for you guys who wants to go and have a break in this famous world spot and tourist attraction..just text me up..same number..hehe..syempre kamu bayad sang cottage eh di naman ako mayaman not here for vacation but for work..anyway, mas barato magkadto d pag off season cz cottage rates here from 300 as season months starts from june until november..hope ur ok..miss u inday, ross, nadnad,rea and the rest ive mentioned earlier hope to see you in boracay....hehe

till then..sayonara